Gojira: The Flesh Alive

Gojira, the French metal bands that opens Metallica concerts when they tour in the US, just release their new DVD/BluRay package:

Gojira - The Flesh Alive

More than 2.5 hours or video content, in which we find the 80 minutes of Live at Bordeaux 2009.

The video was directed by the Deka Brothers and edited by Ben Deka.

produced by Mael Mainguy (Les Films du Balibari)
produced by Ben Deka (Les Films de la Lymphe)
location manager: Benoist Daneville

camera operators: Jérémy Marnotte, Benjamin Groussin, PH Debiès, Tony T. Datis, Ben Deka & Julien Deka

edit & color correction: Ben Deka

Disclaimer: the Deka Brothers did not edit this trailer. The trailer contains clips that have not been shot by the Deka Brothers. The Live at Bordeaux video represents only 80 minutes out of a more than 2.5 hours of content DVD package.