Welcome to our website and thank you for considering investing in our post-apocaliptic/psychological thriller, Girl Zero. We found in this exceptional script a richness in characters and themes that you don't encounter that often.The words from these pages are simply meant to be turned into emotional images and performances.

Considering our previous work, it seems only natural that we fell in love with such material.

Below is a selection of some of our recent projects relevant to Girl Zero, either for their themes or their aesthetic approach, but also from a production stand-point. Indeed, except for Father & Son and Chris Benoit, all of these videos were produced for $7,000 or less and yet they consistently showcase state of the art cinematography, eye-popping visuals and high production value.

Of course to each his own, and you might not think everyone of these videos is badass, but we hope you'll be able to appreciate the attention to detail and the love for the craft that went into these pieces.

Julien & Ben

The Skrillex video below is the only content on this page that was not directed by us.  We served as the visual effects artists on this one, and we won a MTV VMA for Best Visual Effects for it in 2012