Hi Christian and the Games Workshop team!

What an honor to be sharing some of our work with you! You'll find below some of the music videos, book-trailers and films we've directed in recent years.

You'll probably realize that the visual universe of Warhammer got deep into our creative DNA, and it is now just part of who we are as artists.

As kids and teenagers, we spent countless hours painting Games Workshop figurines (Blood Bowl, but also Warhammer, Warhammer 40K and Necromunda). We used to scan every single page of the monthly French edition of White Dwarf. We loved getting lost into its most infamous & epic illustrations. Without even realizing it at the time, this playful immersion into Games Workshop's universe sharpened our artistic eye. It gave us a sense of design and a taste for detail that, we believe, still shows in our current filmmaking style, especially when it comes to character design.

We certainly appreciate the opportunity to show you guys our work. We hope you'll enjoy what you see and we look forward to pitching you our vision for Blood Bowl the TV series.

Julien & Ben

Below are some other relevant works. These do not carry a medieval fantasy theme, but we decided to include them for you to get a better sense of our range of style.

The Skrillex video below is the only content on this page that was not directed by us.  We served as the visual effects artists on this one, and we won a MTV VMA for Best Visual Effects for it in 2012